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Steven Vorholt

Doctor of Dental Surgery
Diplomate, American Board of Oral Implantology

I am a board certified traveling dental implant surgeon practicing in the Greater Phoenix and Tucson region.  Since I travel 100% of my time, my goal is to build YOUR practice by helping keep YOUR patients in YOUR practice! 

In-Office Surgical Services

Patients do not want to leave your office with a referral slip to a practice and surgeon they've never met before.  They often do not follow through with the consult, are scared of higher prices, and are most comfortable having their work done in your office.

When I work with an office to bring dental implant and advanced grafting services in house both the patients and the office benefit.  Patients are twice as likely to continue with ideal treatment if there are less barriers to treatment.  Restorative dentists benefit from enhanced communication and collaboration with an in-house surgeon for the cases they are going to inherit and finish.  

Stop sending patients and money out the door. Work with a traveling implant surgeon to keep dentistry in your office and on your balance sheet.  Enjoy all that dentistry has to offer with advanced dental implant procedures being preformed in your office.

I Help Patients Get The Treatment They Need in the Office They Want


I Help Doctors Increase Their Confidence and Competency with Dental Implants

Over-The-Shoulder Surgical Mentorship

Most doctors start placing implants after a weekend long hands-on CE course.  In most entry level courses the doctor does not place implants on live patients prior to returning to their office to introduce the techniques to their staff and patients. My first foray into implant surgery was the same, not easy to bring it back to the office with confidence!  Failure to launch in implant dentistry is an expensive pill to swallow.  Many doctors just need a little push and support to get the ball rolling in their practices and encourage team buyin.  

In my previous role as the Chief Clinical Officer and Lead Instructor at Implant Pathway, I've helped personally train over 1,000 dentists take their surgical skills to the next level, and many doctors came back for more and more advanced coursework.  There is nothing like live surgery with over-the-shoulder mentorship to help things 'click', all the while treating YOUR patients in YOUR office.  

I work with doctors to select a day's worth of appropriate surgical cases from patient selection, treatment planning, to surgical execution and final restorative planning.  Don't make the expensive mistake of not following through on costly dental implant CE. Have your own patients help you pay for direct surgical mentoring, and start offering higher value services in your practice, immediately.

Speaking Engagements

I am available for speaking engagements from online webinars to live in person conferences.  See where I'm speaking next or contact me to speak to your group or next conference

Topics Include

  • Implant Treatment Planning and Rationale

  • Implant Restorative Solutions

  • Full Arch Implant Dentistry

  • Implant Complications

  • Guided Implant Surgery

  • Sinus Grafting

  • 3D Printing and Surgical Adjuncts


My Goal is to Make Learning About Dental Implants Engaging and Exciting for the Entire Team

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