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Areas of Expertise

Implant Surgery

Whether it's freehand surgery or guided surgery, healed sites or immediate placement, single restorations or full arch...  I know all there is to know about implant surgery and have trained over 1,000 dentists to offer the procedures in their own offices with confidence.  

Bone Grafting

From socket preservation to GBR and Lateral Sinus Grafting, I have not only done it but I have taught it firsthand.  Enjoy the confidence in maintaining bone for future dental implants and rebuilding what was once lost to make dental implant therapy a possibility. 

Full Arch Implant Dentistry

There is no better life changing treatment for your terminal dentition patients than implant dentistry.  From 2 implant overdentures to fixed all on X same day loading cases, I can help you offer the best options to your patients, and change your outlook on surgery at the same time.

My Approach

When I started learning dental implants for myself I did not have an over-the-shoulder mentor to lean on.  It was one of the things that slowed me down the most.  My first few years placing dental implants I had decent but not exponential growth with my skillset and confidence.  For 3 years at Implant Pathway I directly mentored dental surgeons and dental residents in all facets of dental implant surgery.  I got to see first hand the difference one day of surgery did to their confidence and zeal for implant therapy. 

I'm a very hands-off surgical mentor.  I am more likely to jump in to show you how to hold an instrument or place the drill, and then back off and let you do the work.  I will not let you fail nor will I let you flounder.  I will involve and excite your team members about implant surgery too, all the same time encouraging your patients to put their trust in you and your skills.  

Rather than going outside of your office to treat patients you've never met with staff you've never worked with, enjoy learning implant surgery in your own office with your own patients and staff.  In effect your patients will pay for your own training, with plenty left over to cover all your costs and time as well!  

My Approach

In Person Mentoring Pricing and Options

$5,000/Day + Any Supply Costs

Whether you already have all the equipment and gear OR you're still on the fence about spending the capital to invest in all that's necessary, you can rest assured you'll have everything you need at your fingertips to provide the best care to your patients.  I will bring all of my equipment, implants, biologics, and instruments for you to use if need be, or you can use the stock you currently have.  I will also encourage the local Biohorizons rep to join us during your day of surgery to answer any questions and to offer special pricing incentives if you decide to purchase any equipment or supplies. 


I will send you a surgical experience questionnaire to fill out to determine what type of surgeries and mentoring would best suit your needs for maximum return.  Also, prior to the surgery day I will review your cases with you over a virtual screenshare call to treatment plan all the surgeries so their are minimal surprises. 

For larger cases I will offer my contacts for chairside lab work and in-office sedation permitting as needed.

You pay me for my time plus anything you use from my stock, simple as that!  Any other services (lab, CRNA, etc) will be covered by you as well.

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