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The Best Treatment in the Best Office (Yours)

Are you ready to stop referring your patients away for dental care you know they need? 

Have you noticed patients not following through with outside referrals and putting off necessary treatment to avoid the inconvenience and high cost?

Are you too busy to offer the services yourself at a level you demand for your patients? 

My Services


Site Management

Preparing sites in the mouth for dental implant therapy is vital for long term success.  From tooth extractions and grafting sockets to larger defect correction with guided bone regeneration or sinus grafting, building bone for future implant treatment is a vital option for many patients.


Implant Placement

Placing implants for future crown and bridge is the bread and butter of implant dentistry.  Implants are the only true 'tooth replacement' available to patients without harming adjacent dentition.  


Full Arch Surgery

When patients' dentitions are terminal or the patient is currently edentulous dental implants can help to restore form and function.  Whether an implant overdenture or a fixed full arch (ie All-on-4) we can help bring the confidence and health a full set of teeth supported on dental implants can bring.

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